VOIP Service Providers

The voice over Internet protocol is changing how we communicate today. It is poised to someday eliminate the old outdated phone service. Most VOIP providers require a broadband Internet connection. Note: there are some free software VOIP phones that work well with dial up.

VOIP providers offer their customers significant savings over the traditional phone company. You can find VOIP service for as low as $25 dollars a month. You also have the option to pay yearly or quarterly. This is a nice option. Pay one low fee and don’t worry about paying another phone bill for the whole year. You can find this service for as low as $200 a year. Awesome!

Here are some things to think about when choosing a VOIP provider:

  • Product features: Competition is fierce for your VOIP dollars. Do not be fooled by slick advertising. You need to make sure the features offered will work with the phones you are intending on using. It may be necessary to buy an actual VOIP phone to utilize all the features of a particular VOIP provider. Do your research and determine which features are important to you.
  • Rates: You should save no less than 75% over your traditional phone service. Each provider will offer different rates and different feature options. Research them to find the rate/feature option that is best for you. Some providers offer monthly rates or yearly rates.
  • International Rates: International rates will vary and if you do a great deal of international calling you will want to shop for the best rate.
  • 911 Service: Most providers have an E911 service available. This used to be a big problem for VOIP. You should make sure the provider offers 911 and information services.
  • Phone number: New laws make it possible to take your existing phone number with you. Make sure the provider offers this option.
  • Guarantee: You should ask if there is a trial period, or a no contract period. This gives you the option to try VOIP to make sure it will work for you.

VOIP is the wave of the future. Most providers still require you to have a broadband connection though. Check with the provider to see what their requirements are.

VOIP telephone service can save you hundreds of dollars a year. If you are paying for a broadband connection you should seriously look at switching to VOIP.