Skype Features

Skype is probably the most popular VOIP telephone software in the world. Skype was not the first IP phone software on the block, but it is proving to be the best. The popularity is due to the outstanding audio quality you get using Skype. Plus, it is free!

Some of best features of Skype are:

  • Skype Out: This is the one part of Skype that is not free. That is because it allows you to call any other phone; land lines, cell phones etc. You pay a very affordable amount to connect to these networks. You can also use this feature to forward your Skype calls to a traditional phone or cell phone.
  • File Sharing: It is free to call other Skype users and talk as long as you want. Most people do not realize that you can also use Skype to share files. Skype allows free file transfers between users. That means you can send that special birthday video to Grandma while you are talking with her at the same time. A key feature that Skype has incorporated is that it will handle any file size transfer that your computer can handle. This is a huge feature. Transfers can also take place between different operating systems. Such as between Linux, MAC, and Windows.
  • Security: Skype is different from other free VOIP software packages. It is different because it is very secure. Your audio, video, and file transfers are all encrypted before it is sent across the Internet. Skype software on the receiving computer decrypts the information you send. This security encryption makes Skype very secure.
  • Quality: Your old analog phone only uses a small portion of the audio frequency. Skype uses the whole audio spectrum. Skype employs the world’s best audio engineers to help provide you with crystal clear audio phone calls. The sound quality with Skype is awesome. You will be able to tell your “F” from your “S” when using Skype. This clarity is also utilized when on a conference call. You will hear up to four other users with perfect clarity when using Skype.
  • Ease of Use: Skype is very easy to use. Skype makes it especially easy to find people to talk with. The Global User Directory is a giant listing of all the people who are using Skype. This database can be searched and browsed to find people you would like to talk with. It is very versatile. You can search for things like your birth date, the street you live on, or country etc. If you find someone you are interested in talking to you can add them to your contact list. Skype allows you to send the person a small note that lets you explain that you would like to talk to them. One nice feature of the Contact list is that it gives you the status of your contacts. You will see if they are online, busy, or even out to lunch.
  • Instant Messaging: Skype also lets you send messages to people. This feature comes in very handy. One example would be: You are talking with your mom and want her recipe for cherry cheesecake. You certainly do not want to write it all down. She can simply type it in the message screen and send it to you. You can then print it out. She could also send you the recipe as a file. Instant messaging comes in very handy when you want to send long web site addresses to someone. You can also use emoticons with Skype instant messaging.
  • Video conferencing: Skype also doubles as a video conferencing tool. This is an awesome feature.

Skype is very versatile and extremely easy to use. Best of all; it is free to download and use.