Skype and Me

I am an avid computer and Internet user. Over the years, I have used a variety of software packages to meet and chat with people from all over the world. The Internet is a great tool for me. I use it to find and download great software and other information.

Several years ago I began to use the Internet to make friends with people from different parts of the world. I began to use the Internet and my new friends to learn and educate myself. I use forums to meet people interested in the same types of things I am interested in.

Often, I meet and make friends with people from these forums. Before Skype, it was hard to learn things from my friends from different parts of the world. We had to use email, or crewed message or chat rooms to communicate. It is difficult to learn and communicate this way. You can never word things in a way your friend may understand.

Skype changed all that. Now, I can talk to my friend in Australia for as long as I want and it does not cost a dime. That is amazing. The only stumbling block for us now is the time difference. One of us is going to lose some sleep.

Skype has changed the world of communication. I can talk to new friends no matter where they live today. Skype also lets me talk to them no matter where I am. If I am visiting my Mom I can use her computer and use Skype to call my friends.

This application has also helped me get out of some tight spots while trying to learn software on my computer. I have even used it to call someone I did not know and learn how to get to the next level on a game I was playing.

I can also use my webcam to video phone call my friends. We now know what we look like. It is great. We can also send each other files while we talk.

Skype is the best software I have on my computer. It saves me money every single day. What makes Skype the best software? It is free!