3 SkypePhone

The new 3 Skype phone is impressive. This new mobile phone functions exactly the same as Skype on your PC. You will log into Skype from the mobile phone and your contacts will be displayed. Calling any other Skype user is totally free. You can also text them or chat with them for free.

Skype is especially beneficial to the traveling business person. They can use Skype on the road to phone home or the office for free. This can save your company a huge amount of money. It takes VOIP to the next level; mobile.

Using VOIP on a mobile is going to revolutionize the mobile phone industry. Mobile phone companies are scrambling to come up with an alternative. How can you compete with free? The Skype mobile phone looks and feels just like any other mobile phone.

At present the Skype 3 mobile will be available in the following countries:

  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • Austria
  • Sweden
  • Denmark

  • Hong Kong
  • Ireland
  • Italy

The response to the Skype 3 has been fantastic. There are hopes for expansion to other countries. You can get your Skype 3 phone on a monthly contract or you can pay as you go. The options will be different depending on the Country you are in.

There are some other great features on the Skype 3 phone:

  • 2 mega pixel camera. You can also use as a webcam or video phone.
  • MP3 player. You Skype phone has a built in MP3 player. Plug in a micro SD memory card and you can store hundreds of songs. It is easy to use. Just connect the phone with your computer using the USB cable. Transfer the songs and enjoy.
  • Mobile TV: watch TV with channels like; Comedy Channel, BBC news 24 and many more.
  • Browse the Internet. Enjoy Google search, Yahoo, MSN messenger, and much more.

The Skype 3 mobile is the beginning of the end for regular cell phones. VOIP phones are going to replace the cell phone and finally make mobile phones affordable.