Free VOIP Software

VOIP is changing the way we make phone calls today. Almost everyone has Internet access in their homes today. This Internet access gives us the opportunity to save money on our phone bill. We can use VOIP to make our phone calls and save money.

Some of the free VOIP software packages are:

  1. Ekiga: This software is H.323 compatible. It allows you to video conference and makes VOIP/IP telephone calls. You can connect with people who are using Microsoft Netmeeting. Ekiga first name was Gnome Meeting. It offers some of the following features:

    1. Video conferencing: you can register to an ILS directory. It has multi-user conferencing support and gatekeeper support.

    2. PC to Phone calls.

  2. SpeakFreely: This totally free Internet phone software was created by John Walker in 1991. You might know Walker’s famous software; Autodesk. This software stopped development back in 1996. It is still available though. It is also still 100% free. It was one of the first Internet VOIP phone software packages. Even today it has more features than many of the newer packages. Some of them are:

    1. Great sound quality.

    2. Encryption.

    3. An answering machine. Very nice feature that is missing from many Internet phone packages.

    4. Selectable audio compression.

  3. WengoPhone: This is a SIP phone that offers free calls from your computer to any other computer running SIP VOIP software. Nice feature. You can call land lines; send messages, cell phones, and even video calls. This software is open source and will allow you to call any compliant SIP software.

The variety of free VOIP software phones is amazing. Most people are using Skype today, but it is nice to know that there are others.