Free VOIP PBX Software

There is a variety of free VOIP PBX software. The VOIP PBX software allows you to setup and run a complete phone system on your own server. Great free alternatives for small business’s telephone systems.

Not many people know that this software is freely available on the Internet. Most packages will run on either Linux or Windows, and are open source. This amazing software will work with any kind of phones, including VOIP soft phones.

Some of the free VOIP PBX software packages available are:

  • GNU Bayonne: This PBX server software requires the Linux operating system. It is open source and free to use, which may make it worth installing Linux on a computer. It is a free, scalable telephone solution. This software package provides a quality, free PBX server alternative.
  • Asterisk: This PBX software is the complete PBX solution. It also requires the Linux operating system. This free software sets the standard and is the most popular free PBX software. It can provide VOIP service in three different protocols. It works with virtually all phone equipment as well as soft IP phones. It can act as both a SIP client and a gateway. Asterisk does not need any additional equipment or hardware for VOIP services. Asterix can provide:

    • Voicemail
    • Call Conferencing
    • Interactive Voice Response
    • Call Queuing
    • Caller ID
  • OpenPBX: Is an open source Private Branch Exchange System (PBX). Freely available for the Linux operating system and free to use.
  • FreeSWITCH: This open source PBX system is written and compiled in C. This means it will run on a Windows machine. It is possible to build an open source VOIP switching platform.

Most common Internet users have no need for a PBX system. You still must acquire some hardware to connect to the old telephone system. It is becoming very popular though. Imagine, calling anyone, anywhere, and paying hardly nothing. That is what is possible with your own PBX system. It is really usable for the small business.

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