Free VOIP Applications

VOIP (voice over internet protocol) is still the best kept secret on the Internet. It is hard to understand why more people are not aware of VOIP and what it can do for them. VOIP bypasses your old tired phone network and lets you place digital phone calls over the Internet for free.

Well, it is not totally free. You must have an Internet connection. You pay for that. But, you don’t pay for the IP phone calls you make to other computers. VOIP works surprisingly well. Today, there are even VOIP phone companies. Vonage is one such company. These VOIP companies are taking a huge bite out of the tired old phone companies. This is because it is so affordable. VOIP is going to change phone service forever.

There are a variety of different VOIP software packages. Some of these are:

  • Free VOIP Software Phones
  • Free VOIP Gateways
  • Free VOIP Gatekeepers
  • Free VOIP Proxies
  • Free VOIP PBX Systems
  • Free VOIP Development Libraries