Free Software Phones

  1. Skype: Skype is one of the more well known VOIP software phones. Skype has the drawback that it is proprietary software. It functions very well though. It also lets you transfer files and data, video and audio files, and chat. Skype is a very good VOIP software phone package.

  2. Twinkle: Twinkle is a very robust free soft phone for VOIP communication. You can use Twinkle over the Internet for direct IP to IP phone calls, and you can also use it on a local network to make phone calls. Twinkle has tremendous features. Some of these features are:

    • 2 call lines
    • Multiple call identities
    • Custom ring tones
    • Call on hold

    • Call waiting
    • 3 way conference calling
    • Mute
    • Call redirection and forwarding
    • Call rejection
    • Repeat
    • Auto answer
    • Many more, Twinkle is incredibly robust for a free software package.

These are just a couple of a wide variety of free VOIP software available.